What Is An Advisory Board?

An Advisory board is an independent body that offers strategic advice to an organisation, business or foundation. Many new or small businesses choose to have advisory boards in order to benefit from the knowledge of others, without the expense or formality of the Board of Directors.

Experience greater flexibility, wisdom and support from like minded entrepreneurs and business people who have been through it all and survived to tell the story. Receive wisdom through council and strategic plans to grow and nurture your business.

Many business owners and leaders typically feel overwhelmed with responsibility and very “lonely at the top”. This is most often because of;

The tough decisions they need to make
Most often the decision is “tough” because the leader has not been in that situation before (experience), or does not fully understand what the best decision should be (expertise).

Not having access to skilled confidants
Very often your internal Board is not able to help (lack of size, experience or knowledge) or there may be politics, hidden agendas or even recriminations.

What You Will Get When Joining The Advisory Boards

  • Improved Business Skills.
  • A Concrete Plan of Action.
  • Access to your own “Advisory Board” with minimal cost.
  • Share and teach others.

Business is getting tougher every year, with more competition, narrower margins and the rapid rate of market-place change. Business Owners, Directors, and Managers have more to juggle with than ever before, and all this whilst trying to keep abreast of the latest trends in business.

The process of sharing your situation, learning from (and teaching) others brings everything into clear focus and the lesson is permanently secured and a personal plan of action created. The accountability sessions help you to ensure that you achieve what you set out to do and close the loop each month.

Why Do You Need Access to Business Counsel?

The biggest challenges and many times the reason for a businesses decline often fall into these three categories:

  1. Lack of cashflow or financial control
  2. Lack of business knowledge
  3. Lack of experience

All these can be relieved if the entrepreneur has access to relevant training combined with trusted wise counsel from a diverse group of like-minded peers who can share insight from their area of expertise.

Education Is Not Enough

There are a vast array of websites, courses, events and programs around on how to succeed in business – and much of it is excellent.  There is no shortage of training, yet the rate of failure of businesses increases every year.  Why?

You know that simply attending some form of education does not normally lead to significant change in your business.  It is intellectually stimulating, but most is soon forgotten, and often much of it is not relevant.  Sometimes it is just “too much all at once!” and hard to assimilate.

However, when training is spaced out at regular intervals and fused with practical work-groups where the learning is immediately applied to your real world, the outcome is vastly different!

This is the process of The Advisory Boards.

Coaching and Mentoring

It has long been established that working with a good business coach on a regular basis is the fast track to getting ahead.  They can push you through the barriers you are facing, and even some you did not know were there.

A coach should be “in the game” with you all the time, and should know how to maximise your potential.  You need different coaches to address different issues in your life.  Top achievers often use up to 5 different coaches!

Mentors are different to a coach but no less essential. Mentors provide experience – they have walked the road before you. They are hard to find and will change as you grow.

Both coaches and mentors cost a lot – and rightly so, if they are good (!)  Finding them, and engaging with a team of them to provide the breadth of experience you really need is virtually impossible, and would cost a small fortune every month.

The education and team that surrounds you at The Advisory Boards fulfills these needs.  And for about half the cost of just a single session with just one coach – real value delivered.



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