Imagine being able to call on a close circle of trusted advisers anytime you have a question or need expert counsel for your business.

That’s what you get from The Advisory Boards.


Accelerate Your Business & Experience Breakthrough

Do you constantly worry about how to accelerate your business? No education could have prepared you for how hard the real business world is as well as all of the tough decision you need to make on a daily basis. If you need business mentorship, guidance as well as a sounding board to be accountable to, then you need The Advisory Boards.

What does an advisory board do?

An Advisory board offers strategic and independant advice to an organisation, business or foundation. Many new or small businesses choose to have advisory boards in order to benefit from the knowledge of others, without the expense or formality of a Board of Directors. Many business owners and leaders typically feel overwhelmed with responsibility and very lonely at the top

Have full access to YOUR OWN board of business leaders in South Africa who will not only provide you with independant and unique ideas but will also hold you accountable to your business strategies and business plans. Expertise can be gained through training, but the question is, is it effective, relevant and applicable?

The Advisory Boards solves these problems for you In a structured, monthly programme.

What’s In It For You?

  • Improved Business Skills.
  • A Concrete Plan of Action.
  • Access to your own “Advisory Board” with minimal cost.
  • Share with and teach others.


Business is getting tougher every year, with more competition, narrower margins and the rapid rate of market-place change. Business Owners, Directors, and Managers have more to juggle with than ever before, and all this whilst trying to keep abreast of the latest trends in business.


Business Coaching & Mentoring

It has long been established that working with a good business coach on a regular basis is the fast track to getting ahead. They can push you through the barriers you are facin, and even some you did not know were there.

A coach should be “in the game” with you all the time, and should know how to maximise your potential. You need different coaches to address different issues in your life. Top achievers often use up to 5 different coaches!

Mentors are different to a coach but no less essential. Mentors provide experience – they have walked the road before you.

We are building a new culture of business leaders in South Africa. The only question is – WILL YOU BE A PART OF IT?

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